You Asked: Does Colorado Have Grizzly Bears? No, We Killed Them

As I walked down the broadening valley of the Conejos, I thought about what we have lost here. Yes, a predator like a grizzly bear invokes a fear in hikers and campers. And maybe Colorado has too many people for the bears. But they are natural, and without them Colorado’s mountains, while beautiful, are missing a wildness.

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It has just been reported that 2 hunters who are experienced with the visual differences between black and grizzly bears say have seen three grizzly bears near Independence Pass, Colorado. Grizzlies are thought to be extinct in Colorado, with the last killed in 1979 (even though it was thought to be extinct in the state then).

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It may give some creedance to Grizzly/black bear hybrids. Maybe when the Grizzly became scarce it bred with some blackies, and now that gene runs strong in their blood. Maybe that’s why out west we have more color phased black bears. I do believe there are a few pure bread Grizzlies here in Colorado, and I mean natives Grizzlies.

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DENVER – Bears have been in the news lately. Over the past week, a Castle Pines homeowner admitted to killing a black bear out of concern the bear would get inside their home, and a wildlife.

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Colorado Grizzly Bears. and I asked him that very question since his district had the last known grizz in Colorado. "I doubt we have any or if we do there isnt a sustained population of them but i never say never".. "I doubt we have any or if we do there isnt a sustained population of them.

While some of these magnificent animals have received scattered attention from conservationists and the media across the years, most do not benefit from. study species like rhinos or grizzly bears..