Q&A: Jason Dunn, Colorado’s new top federal prosecutor, on marijuana, battling the opioid epidemic and how to stop violent crime

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Q&A: Jason Dunn, Colorado's New Top Federal Prosecutor, On Marijuana, Battling The Opioid Epidemic And How To Stop Violent Crime.

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Jason Sunshine and Tom Tyler, The Role of Procedural Justice and.. Investigation and prosecution of use of force cases should be made as.. police and citizens has increased, even as trends in violent crime.. News Network, ” Stop and Frisk: Good Crime Fighting Policy Says Top Chief,” RNN, 2015,

Denver’s population has grown by nearly 20 percent since 2010 – and it’s picking up again Colorado Population Growth. According to the Denver Post, Colorado was the second fastest growing state in the country between 2014 and 2015.Nearly 101,000 new residents called colorado their home and people were flocking to Denver and other thriving small cities.

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At the time these murders were committed, neither Wyoming nor Texas had hate crime laws, and existing Federal hate crime protections did not include violent acts based on the victim’s sexual orientation and only covered racial violence against those engaged in a federally protected activity, such as voting or attending school.

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But the advances in DNA crime-solving don't stop with this case. Top SC Cop Says State Needs New $54 Million Crime Lab.. Indiana's opioid addiction is seeping its way deep into our state drug testing. CSI for Animals: Forensic Vets battle pet abuse, Neglect.. crimes. TechWorld – By John E Dunn – May 12, 2014