Boy has tick surgically removed from eardrum

John is a six year old with chronic serous otitis media. Treatment for his condition would be: This child has a middle ear condition with fluid buildup. His surgery would involve making an incision into the eardrum with tube insertion for fluid drainage.

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The white squiggly lines are pieces of metal stuck in the wound He was making good progress so doctors were able to remove the vacuum. Buzzing in boy’s ear turned out to be a TICK that had burrowed.

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The tick couldn’t be removed at the doctor’s office, so the boy was moved to an operating room. Kasle was able to remove the tick’s feeding structure with a fine hook tool. The boy’s eardrum remained intact. Tests a month later revealed the child did not get rashes.

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I was told that if I did not have surgery soon I could die. I do not have a eardrum , hammer , small bones in my right ear along with deafness in my ear . The way I was explained I have no protection to my brain and I come in contact with menegitis then I cac get it in my brain . I can not find anything on how they can repaire this.

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 · When they fall out or are removed there is a hole that heals up but leaves a scar. Think, again, like having your earlobes pierced, if you let it heal it will leave a lump. This interfers with the hearing. It may be that the eardrum is so badly scarred from rupturing that the hearing is.

Eardrum repair refers to one or more surgical procedures that are done to correct a tear or other damage to the eardrum (tympanic membrane). Ossiculoplasty is.