A four-day school week? Teachers and kids give it an ‘A.’ Parents are less enthused – News Flash

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A four-day school week? Teachers and kids give it an ‘A.’ Parents are less enthused.. To address daycare concerns for parents of young children, the district expanded its existing offerings to include an all-day option on Monday for $30 per day. 27J also enlisted the Shopneck Boys & Girls.

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Salons found to be dangerous for workers | The Colorado Springs Business Journal Florida, Texas announce home-and-home series for 2030, 2031 Florida Gators – Florida announced today that it has added a home-and-home series against Texas to its schedules for the 2030 and 2031 football seasons. Florida, Texas Announce Home-And-Home Series in 2030-31 Florida announced today that it has added a home-and-home series against Colorado to its schedules for the 2028 and 2029 football seasons.

Under their revised schedule, elementary school days were extended 40 minutes, while middle and high school schedules implemented longer eight-hour days. Mondays were dropped. "Unlike Friday, Monday is a day for kids and teachers to prepare for the week," Fiedler said.

BCS Parent Student Handbook 2015-2016.. Citizenship (French, Latin, Bullis Kids' News, World Cultures, Conflict Managers,. students or fewer) allow for a variety of teaching innovations.. In addition, office hours are offered four days a week and provide a space for.. Flash light, extra batteries o.

I recently discovered a corner of the internet that was new to me.. I bookmarked and am compelled to reread on a weekly basis (“Now. Now though, we've started going to bed shortly after the kids do, and giving up most of our TV time.. these bloggers are not compelled to breathlessly enthuse about.

Greg in Cabot Arkansas. Jack, if a four day school week is a good idea to reduce costs, why not a 3 day week to reduce costs even further? In light of the current economic mess this country is in, we need to expand the school week to 6 days a week, then maybe, the next generation of elected officials might be smarter than the ignorant fools that got us here.

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